Bacchus Baracus - Tales of Worries, Woes & Whatever LP

Image of Bacchus Baracus - Tales of Worries, Woes & Whatever LP


"Scotland is a pretty rock and roll kind of place. It’s not for no reason that Status Quo chose to record their celebrated live album in Glasgow…they know that the Scots love to kick arse!!!

That’s where Bacchus Baracus come in…they too love to kick arse!!! Right from the opening of track one “Yo Wanna Deal” it’s clear that raw, unrefined rock and roll is clearly the order of the day. There are no flashy pyrotechnics on display, just simple, razor sharp riffs and vocals that have been stripped raw by years of abuse by booze and fags!!! The overall effect is of a headlong collision between punk and stoner rock with a dude singing that makes Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson sound like a vicar!!! “Both “Memo” and “Man Of The North” bring a level of Clutch-esque groove to the table and add some layer of subtlety but it’s still akin to having your face pummelled by a drunk in some grotty back alley.

This album certainly does the job of planting a foot firmly in the door whilst grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and forcibly attempting to pull you through the gap!!!" -- Sleeping Shaman