Bedowyn - Wolves and Trees CD

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Bedowyn's debut EP, "Wolves & Trees", released August 2013, has been met with critical acclaim from the metal community drawing comparisons to Mastodon, High on Fire, Sabbath, and early Metallica, and is a loud statement of what is to come. Bedowyn stands heavy and motivated, and ready to wander the world bringing their savage sounds to all.

"BEDOWYN are a fresh, new band out of North Carolina who wields, I might say, one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard. Their debut EP "Wolves & Trees" draws sound from the realms of Prog Metal and Rock, Doom, classic Heavy and even Melodic Death. On this release the band has done a great job of showcasing the versatility they are capable of among each song; it all sounds like BEDOWYN, but it all sounds different; exactly what I look for in a metal record." -- Metal Temple

1. Bisha'a
2. Evil/Right
3. O' Bitter Sea
4. Wolves & Trees
5. Snarling of Beasts