Been Obscene - Night O'Mine CD

Image of Been Obscene - Night O'Mine CD


It is more gloomy and mystical than their debut. More experienced, detached and filigree. Rocking parts with spacy breaks and moshparts mixed up with easy soundwalls. On top a brilliant voice wich always modulates perfectly to the different atmospheres of the songs. Hypnotic Stoner Rock with Pop elements? Psychedelic Post Rock? Been Obscene are tremendous versatile. They inweave new song structures with classics and create their own universe.


released 16 September 2011
all songs written and performed by Been Obscene
recorded live at Rockhouse Salzburg, July 18th - 26th, 2011
recorded and mixed by Emanuel Krimplstaetter and Been Obscene

produced by Been Obscene and Emanuel Krimplstaetter
mastered by Willi Dammeier, Institut fuer Wohlklangforschung
graphic design and artwork by Andreas Putz