Beneath The Storm - Devil's Village CD

Image of Beneath The Storm - Devil's Village  CD


Mysterious One-Man Down-Tempo/Doom/Sludge Metal artist AKA Beneath The Storms is back with his 3rd release – Devil's Village and it's perhaps his bleakest and disturbing release to date. Expect long drawn out drone based nightmarish riffs that have a sinister edge to them. It's dark, violent, thrilling and packs a lot of chilling moments within it's 51 minute running time.
This is a concept album based on the cult classic movie “City of the Dead”. The album uses actual soundclips from the film - City Of The Dead on all of the songs to give you a sense you're actually experiencing the movie yourself. The guitar work is quite frantic at times especially on tracks such as At The Hour Of 13, Whitewood and Burn The Witch. The lyrical content as you can imagine is bleak and desolate through out. This is the perfect album for all you doom and gloom horror fanatics out there.

My final thoughts on Devil's Village is that's an unrelenting attack on the senses. It's perhaps one of the most highly atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal albums you'll hear this year. The best way to experience this album is perhaps on Halloween and watch some classic clips from the film on YouTube to get the full effect. A superb and well rounded effort from Beneath The Storms.
Steve Howe (Outlaws Of The Sun)