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Heavy Psych Sounds

"Italian psychedelic rock band Black Rainbow's new album sees the trio leave their earlier stoner rock motifs for a sound that keeps with the HEAVY, but heads to the stars. 'Holy Moon' offers a deep brew of deep heavy space rock that follows the lineage of early Hawkwind through Loop and The Heads into White Hills, 'Monsters Of The Highway' recalls Monster Magnet and Thee Hypnotics with Gabriele Fiori excelling with his powered Detroit infused leads, 'Chakra Temple' slows things down over an Eastern drone worthy of both Simon House and The Black Sun Ensemble whilst 'The Hunter' adds a heavy Groundhogs boogie edge spiced up for 2013 in a similar vein to Ty Segall and Fuzz. 'If I Was A Bird' lessens the pace and adds a reverberating acoustic guitar as the centre piece to a tune that sounds a little like a distant Jack White vibing out to Jimmy Page."

Holy Moon
Monster of the Highway
Chakra Temple
The Hunter
If I Was a Bird
Black to Comm