Budgie - The Last Stage

Image of Budgie - The Last Stage


2004 compilation featuring 16 previously unreleased tracks from 1979-1985. The material is taken mainly from the 1983-84 period when the band were working on what would have been their third album for RCA. The album was never released & many of the tracks were never finished but they give an insight into the period & the band working on ideas in the studio. Noteworthy.

1.1 Love Is When You Love
1.2 House of a Sinner
1.3 Same Old Sad Affair
1.4 Signed Your Own Fate
1.5 Hard Luck
1.6 Living with Another Man
1.7 You Ain't Got Love
1.8 Renegade
1.9 Sweet Fast Talker
1.10 Wait Till Tomorrow
1.11 Rock Your Blood
1.12 Nutbush City Limits
1.13 Can't Get Up in the Morning
1.14 Heaven in Your Eyes
1.15 Picture on a Screen
1.16 Victim