Castero - Revolutions CD

Image of Castero - Revolutions CD


Heavy Rock from Ireland!

Warped Mind 05:08
Too Much Sleep 04:37
The Chase 03:51
Surrender of the Damned 03:46
He Must Rule 03:45
Wasting My Time 03:56
For the Land I Fight 05:29

"Castero has taken a wide variety of influences and created music that always seems to be heading in different directions. One minute they might be playing a blues rock piece that feels as though the instrumentalists listened to a ton of ZZ Top while the next they are playing really heavy, slow riffs that are doom inspired. However, despite the fact that the band goes off in so many different directions it never sounds as though they are spreading themselves too thin as each track is well written and features some guitar riffs that really grab your attention. There are plenty of different directions that these guys could take their music in, but it seems likely that whichever way they choose to go will work." -- Cosmos Gaming