Dali's Llama - Autumn Woods CD

Image of Dali's Llama - Autumn Woods CD


Twenty years of DIY in the Southern California desert rock underground. Their 10th album is heavy metallic punk rock on the doom and roll, produced by the legendary Scott Reeder (Kyuss, The Obsessed).

Genre: Metal/Punk: Doom/Stoner Metal

“Being an artist is partially about the struggle to expose one’s own guts to an indifferent public. Authentic recognition is never immediate, for worthy artists dwelling in obscurity will be a hopefully passing phase on the road to attention. Luck plays a big part of this process, but so does having a relentless attitude and great creativity. Not many underground musicians know this as well as California’s Zach Huskey, who has been writing poetry and putting out albums with his band Dali’s Llama since the mid/early 90’s...” - DEAFSPARROW.com

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