Deadhand - Storm of Demiurge

Image of Deadhand - Storm of Demiurge


distributed via Twin Earth Records

"This 5-piece from Georgia has the sludge down when they want to, but they also incorporate a lot of post-metal tendencies which brings the doom and contemplative atmospheres. I’m hearing a lot of doom with the ebbs and flows similar to bands like YOB or ISIS even. (Bands with all capital letters…) The heavy guitars parts have a nice and crunchy tone and the vocals fit great in the mix. The vocals, along with the rest of the band, sound a lot like Cult of Luna’s earlier work, especially on “Trailed by Wolves 14:12”. The double kicks are used very sparingly, which would be a great way to emphasize the heaviness, if only they were more prominent in the mix.

Although Storm of Demiurge is not pushing any boundary too far, it is a very consistent album with no filler tracks. Dead Hand know how to find a meaningful chord progression and they know how to build it up. This makes them a very promising band. (Bill Masino)"

--The Grim Tower