Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club LP

Image of Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club LP


"Dealer rip. It’s hard to peg a certain genre on these guys, so we’ll just say they rock and they rock hard. Their album Billionaire Boys Club drops in early 2017 and it has already won next year’s award for best album cover. You have to love a hard rock band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. These guys are clearly having fun and we applaud them for that. What you should take seriously are Dealer’s killer riffs, grungy sound, and caustic vocals. These dudes have an awesome sound that is like the soundtrack to putting out cigarettes on your tender flesh. Dealer are the audio equivalent of a six day bender filled with cotton candy and violence. Spend some time at the Billionaire Boys Club below with the track “AM Gold,” and you won’t regret it." -- the Nerdist