Double Cheese- Brain Damage LP ~BLACK LIPS!

Image of Double Cheese- Brain Damage LP ~BLACK LIPS!


Double Cheese- Brain Damage LP. Second smoldering album from France's Double Cheese. 'Brain Damage' contains an avalanche of distortion and a wall of fuzz accompanied by plenty of cheap guitar thrashin' and blatant, bass abuse. Throw in a rhythmic primal drummer bashing their songs down the ramshackle, Rock 'n Roll highway and you'll find their sound at the supercharged, sonic, cross-roads where the Swamp Rats, the Easybeats, the Headcoats, the Cheater Slicks and the Black Lips meet. It's a jangley, pleasant cacophony of raucous Rock 'n Roll sounds offering a stellar combination of poppy, forceful melodies and screeching, trebley hooks. While playing Garage Rock at it's most blatantly crude remains Double Cheese's signature sonic fingerprint; these guys propel their songs through enough psychedelic twists and riff energizing turns to deliver an album that really shows the band fully evolved into their own unique sound. Top notch recording by Lo Spider at Swampland Studios and the album is adorned with beautifully demented cover art by Robin Renard.