F.U.M.E. Bros - Soldiers of Insanity CD

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Echo Eyes Management

K.P and Rico started this band in 1999. From the begining, the band a commitment to assure the music would be our own sound and our own voice. Not something that we copied from the radio. The band went through various members durring our 12 year career. Daniel joined in 2000, and his brother joined 2008. We are the true F.U.M.E. brothers.

Since 1999 we have opened up for Danzig in Tuba City, Prong,Texas Hippiie Coalition,Warbringer,Jameson, Phobia,Devil Driver, Death Angel, flotsom and Jetsom, Mushroom Head, Black Dalia Murder, All Shall Parish, Cannabis Corpse, Days of the New, Exhumed, Winds of Plague, Deicide and Abigalil Williams