Firelord - The Burning EP CD

Image of Firelord - The Burning EP CD


This isn't a new one, but definitely worth talking about. Firelord are another power trio, this time hailing from Italy. And let me tell you the emphasis here is on the word power. These guys use bulldozers and all sorts of heavy equipment to move earth and mountain under the mass of their riffs. 5 songs here, the last being a slaying cover of Earthride's "Fighting-Devil's Inside You."

Like the best of stoner rock, this one is laced with the PCP of doom bludgeoning, and amped up with the crystal meth of fierce riffing and a heady groove. Way fuzzed out riffs come from all angles and merge into one TCA haze of burning intensity.

I'd easily put these guys up on the same shelf of the other leaders of stoner riffery from the undergound, like Borracho. Not as much dynamic shifting as SuperGiant, not nearly as much modern metal influence as Snail, and not not as bluesy as Hong Faux, Firelord like their stoner rock straight up, Sabbath-inspired and growled out with honesty and ferocity. I could listen to a track like "Riding with the Death" forever. Definitely check it out.