Funeral Horse - Divinity for the Wicked LP

Image of Funeral Horse - Divinity for the Wicked LP


Brand new from Artificial Head Records!!

Limited to 400 copies pressed on virgin black vinyl. The record comes in a gatefold sleeve with exclusive artwork by Savage Pencil inside and a lyric sheet insert. Songs were mastered for vinyl with lacquers cut by Mr. Carl Saff. Records pressed at Gotta Groove.

"With Divinity For The Wicked, Funeral Horse have channelled their sometimes scattergun approach to song writing into something more focused and pummelling. Here they throw light and shade together for the contrast and make the sonic brick to the temple all the more effective when they do hit you with it. There is no compromise though, in fact it’s sonically more complex than its predecessors. Their best release so far!" -- Sleeping Shaman