Gordon Fights - S/T CD

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Transubstans Label!

"a tough amalgam of rock n' roll, blues and a little bit of soul. The arrangements are rich, yet muscular, with bluesy guitar riffs that leave room to breathe for each instrument (which also includes a hammond organ) and the excellent vocals. And best of all, this album sounds excitingly fresh and not at all outdated. GORDON FIGHTS use old formulas, but give them a fresh new flavor. Thus, it is no bad thing to place the band near The Brought Low or The Black Crows, because there is plenty of overlap with both groups. Moreover, there isn't really a weak spot on the album, and it's a lot of fun just to accompany the band on their tuneful sonic journey. The songs seem to wrap around you and with each listen you discover another layer. Overall, a great debut. " -- Cosmic Lava