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A Graveyard sound with a spice of hard rock. Just perfect !

While this may be 2015, Sweden's Hallas are living in the past, somewhere between 1969 and 1979. Hallas arrives with their first EP, simply self-titled, with four songs. For their sound, they combine retro classic, heavy, and psychedelic rock and then pass it through the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

It's not an unfamiliar sound. Within there's this tripped out feeling to their music, notably from timbre of the guitars. Yet, those same guitars account for much of the harmony, stealing a page from the NWoBHM's twin guitar motif. Then they create additional atmosphere with ethereal and swirling keyboards, once more adding to the space rock motif. There are quiet moments interspersed as well like the light guitar work in latter third of Hallas.

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