Hell Camino - Orange Lilly CD

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"If you love the thick fuzzy grooves of southern metal, then I think you’re going to find something here in Arkansas’ Hell Camino. Orange Lily is their self-released sophomore album. What’s really interesting about these guys though, is that their patterns aren’t quite set in stone. For instance, “Dixie Mafia” and the title cut might sound like Down with a little bit of Clutch, but when we get to “Death Inside Of Me” things start to change. We still have quite a bit of grit here, but it’s a bit more airy, almost progressive in it’s bounciness. It just feels like a touch of Kyuss or even Soundgarden got in there somehow and I’m enjoying it. Why? Because it’s more than we normally get from this kind of music. Sure, “Dixie Mafia” was a great southern anthem and “Orange Lily” a nice little love ditty, but this cut actually makes the band stand out from it’s peers. The next cut, “Inertia” even seems to have a bit of a proggy flow, which I wasn’t expecting either. Again, I’m drawing a lot of Soundgarden (particularly Badmotorfinger) here, but with a heaping mound of grime that keeps these guys sounding unique. As we continue on, we find that “Vertigo” brings in a bit of Alice In Chains influence, which I didn’t even catch myself – a friend of mine was listening in and he noticed it immediately. So we’ve got influence here from acts like Down, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, which isn’t too bad for southern metal, I’ll say. At least Hell Camino are trying to one-up the genre and do something original, instead of what’s been paved over eternally. The whole album wraps up with an unexpected instrumental, which shows even more of the simply great solo work that has been done on this album. The spoken word clips on the piece, entitled “God and Gravity” might be a little deeper and darker than some of the material earlier in the record, but it definitely works and once again, shows the band at their full potential. It’s a bit “jam band” but it’s “jam band” in a good way and I think you’re going to enjoy it. If you’re looking for something a bit different in southern metal, I would definitely give Hell Camino a try." -- New Noise Magazine