Hosoi Bros - Snorlokk 7"

Image of Hosoi Bros - Snorlokk 7"


"Snorlokk": Savage follow up to "Wine Witch." Limited run of 300 on MIxed Vinyl!

The Hosoi Bros blew me away earlier this year with their tasty slab of 7"vinyl, "Wine Witch" (reviewed here). So much so, that I immediately asked the crazy lads to contribute to our free compilation album, The Ripple Effect Presents: Volume One - Head Music. (go check it out, it's still free.) I was immediately caught up in their trashy brand of post-NWOBHM madness and chunky humor. Still, the question remained, could they do it again? As "Snorlokk" the side A of this limited-to-300 hand-numbered 7" spins on my turntable, the answer is "hell freaking yes!"

Still as irrelevant and madcap as ever, Hosoi Bros bring it on thrashy and punky, still with that backbone of NWOBHM riffing. I don't know what "Snorlokk"is about. Probably another addition to the band's growing pantheon of mythical characters like the Wine Witch. But I don't care. All I know is that it's a blitzkrieg assault to my frontal lobe of good, smashing fun. B-side "Amberlamps" builds upon the impressive riffing with an even heavier, infused-with-hardcore, attack of metal that just refuses to take itself too seriously. In the end, what the Hosoi Bros are about is great metallic riffing and good fun. Isn't that what you want?

Another great addition to the bands growing discography. Get one before it's too late.