Leather Nun (America) - All Your Kin CD

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Leather Nun is a California three piece specializing in some pretty nifty and agile stoner/doom rock. Some may be more prone to tag them as simply ‘doom’, but this trio flexes way too many muscles and the pace de rigueur isn’t all that slow and lethargic per se. Out in Austria’s PsycheDOOMelic records, I get to wonder how is that music this good slips the hands of any American indie. Really, this is as good, if not better, than most of the stuff out here. Comprised of nine solid tracks of beefy girth, rotund melodies, confident playing, glutonic volume, swift dynamics, majestic vocals, a lot of this material is directly derived and even somewhat lifted from seminal bands like Pentagram, Saint Vitus and The Obsessed.