Lugnoro - Annorstades CD

Image of Lugnoro - Annorstades CD


From Ozium Records! Critically adored heavy rock!

For fans of Kamchatka, Gin Lady, The Allman Brothers, Opeth (the Heritage album), Intodown, and King Crimson

"Word of warning, if you like 70′s based progressive rock with lots of hammond organ, you’re going to like, no, love this one! Nothing says progressive quite like this one. It is through and through, from beginning to end. There’s plenty of classic rock moments as well that make you think The Allman Brothers. The album is heavy on the instruments, heavy on the guitar and heavy on the organ (heavy as in plenty). It’s a pretty mellow and relaxed album for the most part. The lyrics are completely in Swedish so if not understanding the language isn’t for you, you’re really missing out on a great album. If language isn’t a factor however, you need to give this a shot, I think you’ll really dig it!" -- The Soda Shop