Lycanthropy - Totenkranze LP colored vinyl

Image of Lycanthropy - Totenkranze LP colored vinyl


Lycanthropy is a black/death metal band formed in Orel (Russia) in 2007 by Gunner on guitars. Various styles make up the album, combining the blackish speed and rage of the “Hannibal Ante Portas” album with sick atmospheric and death metal elements. Music for the track “Endless Black Forests” was inspired by ancient Bavarian land and composed just after Gunner’s returning from Munich.

According to the band, “Totenkränze” shows additional deepness of their compositional skill with the use of different vocals approaches and specific guitar riffing combined with a rhythm section working like a merciless wrecking machine. Gunner has also recorded bass lines for this record, to make it more in the Lycanthropy vein.

"There’s no deadweight to be found on Totenkränze’s 17 tracks of terror. Naturally, if you hate black metal or any of the really fast, really extreme stuff there’s no reason to even check it out. Though fans of the style should find something juicy to sink their fangs into here, and Nocebo Records did a helluva job putting together the vinyl only package for its release. I’ll actually play this again after the review, which is saying something in my case, because there’s only about 10-15 black metal bands I listen to with any kind of regularity. Check it out! " Hellride