Mahat - Looking for a Ride CD

Image of Mahat - Looking for a Ride CD


Mahat unleash a fierce mixture of stoner rock and metal, like Down beating the crap outta Queens of the Stone Age while Entombed and Truck Fighters jump in for some extra kicks to the teeth. Opening track "Atacama" is the track that ruptured my adrenal glands, spewing a flood of adrenaline into my blood stream. A violent, ultra-heavy yet still defiantly groovy stoner/metallic hybrid that may be one of the single best metal tracks I've heard all year. Guitars crush fragile bones; drums pummel my consciousness and the roughened vocal attack mercilessly assaults my eardrums. It's a thing of beauty.

Worth checking out.

“Heavy and gritty STONER METAL. For anyone who like their ROCK hard and their METAL faithful.”