Mr Plow - Asteroid 25399 CD

Image of Mr Plow - Asteroid 25399 CD


Legendary stoner band from Houston with their critically acclaimed 2006 release. If you dig classic stoner with intelligent lyrics and riffing guitars, this is for you.

An eight track (as opposed to an 8-track) tribute to author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. made even more significant by the timing of its release in the year of his death, 2007, Asteroid 25399 is a record that sounds completely different. Not only are songs like “Dead Eye Dick” and “Proteus” memorable and well-written from a lyrical, musical and structural standpoint, but they demonstrate a level of maturity that, frankly, I didn’t ever expect to hear from Mr. Plow. Their reverence for their subject matter was obvious, even down to the detail of having a Vonnegut painting as the cover of the CD.

Intricately conceived enough to produce the sweetly-toned, bass-led instrumental “Ice Nine,” it was an album made all the more exciting by the depth of its components" -- The Obelisk