Obese - Kali Yuga CD

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Argonauta Records!!

"OBESE hail from Holland, they are authors of a crunchy, catchy, powerful and above all heavy as hell sound! Bringing the groove back into stoner and feeding your appetite with fat tunes that will leave you hungry for more. The weight and thickness of sound is being explored one track at a time: corpulency never felt that good. The immense riffage in a vast landscape of bulldozing euphony will leave nobody unsatisfied.

Kali Yuga showcases Obese’s ability to take multiple influences and use it to create a flowing, calculated record. Some bands tend to try this but usually end up with weaker tracks taking a back seat to the stronger ones. Kali Yuga delivers on each track and still maintains strength in each song’s individualism. I am definitely looking forward to seeing them live and hope they can capture the album’s strength on stage." -- The Sludgelord