Overcharge - Accelerate LP

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"If you're a fan of Motörhead but think they sound a little too clean cut, Italy's Overcharge might be what you're looking for. Overcharge play a style of music called metalpunk which is exactly what it sounds like – a sleezy mash-up of speed metal and punk rock – for reference, see Venom, Midnight and the aforementioned godfathers of the style, Motörhead.

What these guys lack in nuance, they more than make up for in energy and attitude. From the eponymous opening track, Overcharge rush full bore through 30 minutes of ignorant, d-beat infused speed metal. Listeners who are familiar with Discharge, or any other punk band who's name begins with the prefix Dis-, will find that Accelerate is stampeding through well-traveled territory. But, even though Accelerate is a d-beat punk record at heart, there are enough screaming guitar solos peppered throughout the album to lend the music a scuzzy metal vibe." --Metal Injection