Powered Wig Machine - Supra Collider LP

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Finally here on vinyl!!!

Southern Arizona’s Powered Wig Machine, (a.k.a) PWM, began crafting heavy, stoner-flavored desert rock in 2006/2007. PWM’s hard rock sound - described as heavy western rock n roll – contains elements of desert/stoner rock, classic rock, and blues combined with lyrics that dabble in sci-fi and comic book lore. PWM

"It’s heavy, the guitars groove, plenty of riffs that are catchy and songs that get stuck in your head (just listen to “Supa-Collider”). All that with a southern hard rock sound make for a well rounded album that is going to continue to get more praise as time goes on." -- The Evil Engineer

Wayne Rudell-guitar/vocals
Joey Rudell-bass
Daniel Graves-drums
Dusty Hinkle-guitar