Reign of Fury - Psycho Intentions CD

Image of Reign of Fury - Psycho Intentions CD


‘Psycho Intentions’ consists of four blistering slabs of thrash, loaded with talent and an abundance of melody, which quite rightly has got people sitting up and taking notice. Fronted by the strong and diverse vocals of Matt ‘Bison’ Steed, they are one of the new breed of thrash bands that have been causing a stir in the last 2-3 years. Fantastically backed up by Jon Priestly & Ed Westlake (guitars), Matt Earl (bass) and ‘Magic’ Dave (drums) Reign Of Fury deliver time and time again. ‘Disconnect’ is classic Slayer with a twist, Blinding Light Of Betrayal’ with its Maiden vibe and modern metal chorus is a joy and ‘Heaven Waits/Hell Takes is a track that Metallica wish they could have written. Add to that the title track which has a real Anthrax vibe and you have a diverse, but nonetheless, very ‘together’ sounding EP that is the perfect way to start appreciating Reign Of Fury. Currently putting together the final preparations for a large UK tour, entitled ‘Headbangers Balls’ in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust (please see attached link) Reign Of Fury are a band on the rise. Miss them at your peril." --

1. Disconnected
2. Psycho Intentions
3. Blinding Light of Betrayal
4. Heaven Waits / Hell Takes