Repellers/Deadhand - Split 7"


2nd pressing of the Repellers / Dead Hand split 7 inch with new and expanded artwork.

75 on transparent blue w/ black splatter.

Split 7 inch with Repellers.

"Dead Hand are a four-piece from Georgia and they play thick, doom laden sludge. The beautiful thing about the song ‘Apex Parasite’ is the guitar riff that carries on throughout the majority of the song. It’s original and innovative. I also really like the tribal drum and dirty bass breakdown that gives way to some sweet riffing...

Best listened to when: You feel like being in the pit, but there is no pit to be found. So you put on your headphones, crank it up, and imagine you are in the pit."


"Dead Hand kinda surprised me as they play an interesting slab of sludge, some sorta NEUROSIS -y breaks and riff repetitions. But they mostly reminded me of THOU and GRAVES AT SEA if the latter had much deeper vocals."

- Maximum Rock and Roll #372