Rivercrest - S/T CD

Image of Rivercrest - S/T CD


1.ShangoDjango KutiKuti 20:00

2.Alles Boom 12:10

3.Deleylines (I) 10:00

4.Deleylines (II) 10:00

5.Deleylines (III) 10:00

6.Deleylines (IV) 10:10

Forming sonic nebulas since 2003 they first saw light, Rivercrest is still around bursting out jams with mellow streams of honey-star-seed to high-octane freakuency melt downs. With a steady back-beat and grainfull guitars, spiced with heavy fx and synths and topped with some smooth percussion and brass. Grrrrr rrrr ooo vvv vvv aaaaaaaaa y!