Shinin' Shade - Sat-urn CD

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After their acclaimed 2012 Ep Slowmosheen, the band returns with this multifaceted beast, which is possibly their darkest work so far.

The seven titles shift from classic doom to prog-rock, dripped in lysergic 60’ psychedelia.

This is their second work with singer Jane Esther-Collins. The eerie vocals sit perfectly over the intrigued rhythm section provided by Roger Davis (Bass) and Mike De Chirico (Drums).

Allen Kramer and Mek Jefrey play their oversaturated guitars like fiends from the depth of ancient Tartarus while filling the songs with complex guitars passages, alternating with screeching feedbacks.

The production is again entrusted to the unbalanced mind of Dorian Bones, who has added his dark strokes to this gloomy masterpiece. The album was recorded in-house at Moonlight Studios.

Carlo Izzo, the house engineer, was behind the desk, adjusting faders and adding his sonic mastery.

Sat-Urn displays the band’s perfect use of dynamics. The album carries the listeners in an incredible journey through dark and desolated landscapes, following a burial procession into the deep, sacred desert of Wiriguta.