SkraeckOedlan - Appeltradet CD

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Transubstans Label!

""While Mastodon’s “The Hunter” and Graveyard’s “Hisingen Blues” were two of the more celebrated Stoner Rock albums of last year, “Appeltradet,” among many others, caught the under-the-radar airstream. So much like the two aforementioned bands, Skraeckoedlan offer up ingredients found in both: from Sludge and Psychedelia, to Doom and 70’s style Hard Rock, and an innate knack for dishing out moments of stirring, hair-raising melody. Most impressive, however, is just how tight the band sounds. Just as TANK86 blew the Metal world away with last year’s Instrumental powerhouse “Rise,” the precision of Skraeckoedlan make them sound gigantic; case in point the awesomely heavy." --