Small Jackets - IV CD

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Transubstans Label!

Italy...much more than pizzas, mafiosos and famous painters. The country also holds numerous of classic rock bands, SMALL JACKETS, being one of the veterans in the scene. Around since 13 years they now deliver their 4th album, and it is no secret that Swedish label Transubstans were big fans of the band since their debut, and proudly presents the absolute masterpiece from SMALL JACKETS. The bands roots are guaranteed in the 70's, and could sound like many other bands, except that SMALL JACKETS have so much more energy, musical skills and hit potentional that they blew away Transubstans staff right from the first track ! It do not get much better than this if you're into bands like AEROSMITH (early), FIVE HORSE JOHNSON, MOUNTAIN and RIVAL SONS.