Space Mirrors - The Other Gods CD

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Transubstans Label!

"The Other Gods features nine-tracks ranging in length from 3:50 to 10:33. Stylistically when I refer to old-school hard-rock I’m referencing bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Savoy Brown, Hawkwind, Chicken Shack, and Black Sabbath et al. Its guitar laced blues riffing that comes to the fore here, but that is then expanded upon with spacey synths and sax on the heavy moments and flute to soften things up a bit. It’s a driving momentum that’s created, pulsating through time and space. There are many musical change-ups that take the compositions in unexpected directions especially instrumentally. Vocals may take some getting used to, delivered in a flat almost monotone style that kept reminding me of Frank Zappa. After a couple listens it seems to fit. At times the heavier side of the band’s music does tend to overwhelm and the progressive influences are left by the wayside. Still they never fail to put something unusual around the next corner so hand in there.

It’s a very unique sound – heavy space rock influenced by some progressive rock accoutrements. Clearly if you’ve been following the band’s previous music you’ll want to be all over this release and certainly fans of Hawkwind styled space-rock will want to get in on the action. " --Jerry