Stars that Move - Blue Vinyl LP


Twin Earth Records

A debut release of coherent aesthetic that brims with promise, melodic sweetness and classic fuzz boogie filtered through hazy garage modernism, Stars That Move brings together guitarist Richard Bennett of Starchild with vocalist Elisa Maria. Opener ‘I Hold A Gaze’ seems to ooze out with slower Uncle Acid buzz, but Maria’s vocals change the vibe entirely, and through the irrefutably heavy nod of ‘The Blue Prince’ and the ethereal shuffle of ‘She That Rules The King,’ she maintains a hold on the material that is transfixing.

Description : It's more greatness from Starchild's Ric Bennett with his wife on vocals. The vocals are just pure bliss. She sounds like a goddess singing to the star. Somewhere in my sludgy doom filled heart there was a feeling that this was a bit light weight for me. On second thoughts why would a major Acid King fan not love this. Favorite track: The Blue Prince

I Hold A Gaze 02:44
The Blue Prince 03:45
From East To West 03:32
A National Acrobat 04:37
The Hidden Hand 03:29
She That Rules The King 02:52
No Evil Star 00:38
Burning In Flames 03:48