Stone Machine Electric - S/T CD

Image of Stone Machine Electric - S/T CD


First release of massive psychedelic heaviness from these Dallas/Ft. Worth doomsters. Recorded and mixed by Kent Stump of Wo Fat and mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, Tx.

"Well, I’m not sure what church the Stone Machine Electric guys go to service in, but they’ve got their own message and it’s rife with intrigue and overflowing with dread and fear. The music of their 5 song debut disc is the heaviest stuff I’ve come across since Wo Fat’s The Black Code left a crater in my soul. Hey! Would you look at this! Kent Stump recorded and produced this album . . . that’s one explanation for the heaviness, the other being that the recording duo of Dub and Kitchens are actually this heavy as a two-piece in the live arena. Having witnessed their tyranny to the senses awhile back, I know firsthand that these guys bring sonic destruction to everything in their path. The addition of Stump twisting and turning knobs was an act of brilliance coz’ this dude captured the band perfectly, and then enhanced it for the audiophile in all of us."

--The Ripple Effect