Superhalo - Czerwona CD (envelope edition)

Image of Superhalo - Czerwona CD (envelope edition)


...people run in panic and lock themselves up in the basements of their homes. One of the lightning struck with a fury in a tree tearing it into half. After the hit there was nothing except the silence. The temperature began to fall, the wind died down, the snow began to sprinkle. Four newcomers appeared on the streets of one of the western cities. No one knows where they came from. They emerged

"There's a lot to get from this album, a refreshing stoner'n roll assault, at times dry and hallucinatory, at others raw and punkish, even a few parts can be serioulsy mellowed and almost poppy... This is cohesive though with a potent and hazy live sound, also the fact of having vocals in polish certainly helps to enhance it !" -- Temple of Perdition