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"ubterfuge is the second full-length album from the Swedish Hard Rock/Classic Rock band Thalamus. Compared to the debut "Beneath a dying sun", it's more 70's oriented and not so much riff focused. On Subterfuge a great change is the Hammond organ that was fully integrated on the EP"Sign here for nothing". The organ tends to fit in really well and takes Thalamus the extra mile. Subterfuge has equal parts of midtempo songs, low tempo and hard stuff, which makes it a great listening record, never tending to get tiring or out of focus. The guitar work is more thoughtful and the solo parts, outstanding. What may differ the most from the debut, are the vocals, which are more mature, more developed and more dynamic. The album kicks off with a low tempo introduction with a Mississippi blues feel, "Bring down Mary" tends to spin off into a fast hard rock tune."When goblins cheer" has a low tempo doom flavor to it, with a chorus that brings your mind to early Rainbow. "Blind" (the bands first single) takes you into Deep Purple mood. In all, Subterfuge has something for everyone's mind or mood. You get great ballads with rock flavor in songs like"Here today, gone tomorrow" and"Through the fields". You get your blues nerve satisfied in songs like"I hope you understand" and"Shot to Hell". With songs like "Love is shining on the dead man" you actually get a bit of a seventies/nineties alternative pop feel. And you get to headbang to songs like"Still dancing on your grave" and"She sells desolation". " --Hepcat