The BLACK JETTS- 'Bleed Me' LP

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BLACK JETTS- 'Bleed Me' LP. Remember those days when Rock & Roll ran through the veins of the bands that played it. Well you don't have to remember those days any more thanks to Rock N Roll heathens the Black Jetts. Situated deep below the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, lie these 4 mopped haired rockers. These fellas have been around for a few years now creating quite a commotion in and around Sin City. With the undaunting drive the Black Jetts had to create the epic debut, 'Bleed Me' offers 11 killer rippers including a cool cover of the Who’s ‘Leavin Here’. In 2 seperate recording sessions the Black Jetts definately captured something. You can just hear a band totally busting at the seems playing their hearts out for only a few mics and an 8 track recorder.

You can really hear something fresh in these 11 tracks. First and foremost originality, but on top of that these songs really have soul. In the same way that many people say that Thunders spoke with his guitar without saying a word, the Black Jetts exude that same raw, energetic intensity. Just check out songs like ‘Rehab Love’, ‘Cheap Date’ and the incredibly moody ‘Hangin’ Around.’ They just exude heart and soul rock n roll that you can feel. And the Black Jetts are definately one of the better bands out there playing that stripped down n dirty early Detroit style rock n roll. An aweseome debut.