The Brimstone Days - On a Monay Too Early to Tell CD

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Transubstans Label

"One of the true pleasant surprises of recent memory came in the form of this album. It was a pleasant surprise if for no other reason than this band had completely fallen under my radar. I'd never heard of The Brimstone Days until I was sent this CD by Ozium Records and dang if they didn't knock my socks off.

'On a Monday Too Early To Tell' is boogie rock of the highest caliber. Funky drums and busking guitar abound as this Malmo trio moves through 14 high-energy songs in 48 action packed minutes. This is happy-go-lucky, shake your ass music. That may come across as shallow but that very subject is addressed in "Burry The Hatchet". It's 'come home from a long, tough day at work and throw on a good record to forget your troubles' music. There's not as much cowbell as I might have expected on an album with this kind of guitar and uptempo drum sound, but the hi-hat is the real unsung hero of the whole affair." -- Paranoid Hitsophrenic