The Brought Low - Third Record LP (bent corners)

$15.00 - On Sale

Here's an opportunity that doesn't come along very often, and you can thank the USPS.

Heavy Slab records in Europe sent us a huge box of Brought Low's "Third Record", and our friendly postal service nicely bent some of the corners. These are not bad copies. They look clean, unopened, and nice, but all have at least one bent corner. See the photos.

What this means to you is that you get the album (full LP) at a killer price. Vinyl is mint, cover is still excellent, just a bent corner.

They say with youth comes energy and with age wisdom, but nobody told The Brought Low to slow down and wise up.

Three records in and with countless shows under their belt, this New York City powerhouse power trio has set the benchmark for the sort of classic hard rock that the mainstream's long forgotten and the underground only claims to represent. You want a cheap, mass produced facsimile, I'm sure some by-the-numbers corporate act is overcharging for their tepid arena rock. You want generic bar rock, go to your local club. You want the real deal, go see The Brought Low.

In the words of guitarist/singer Benjamin Howard Smith, the aptly titled Third Record has the band "coming to terms with their punk rock roots" while remaining true to their undisputed and undeniable classic rock sound. The end result is an invigorating, unrelenting kick in the ass with hard charging rockers like "Old Century Man" and "Everybody Loves A Whore" having just as much soul as cry-in-your-beer ballads "A Thousand Miles Away" and "Last Man Alive" and grooves as deep as new live favorites "The Kelly Rose" and "Matthew's Grave."

A cool Southern Rock band from Brooklyn, USA. With a lot of drive and authenticity. This is music directly from the heart! Some classic guitar sounds, some ZZ Top and Lynrd Skynyrd comparisons, a good singer and good songs. Some Blues Rock, some Dixie stuff. Do you want more? Do we need more? This is music directly out of their hearts. That feeling you will get every second on that record. All that retro and classic Rock fans should check that band out. Songs like OLD CENTURY, EVERYBODY LOVES A WHORE or the relaxed A THOUSAND MILES AWAY are a true and good output and got written to take a long ride with your car on a hot afternoon. This is not the music I prefer. And it it nothing for my player, but I think a lot of Rock fans will dig that sound! Great band, great songs, great output on a great label!

- Jochen