The Dying Shames- S/T LP ~FLAMIN' GROOVIES!

Image of The Dying Shames- S/T LP ~FLAMIN' GROOVIES!

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he Dying Shames- S/T LP. Wow total time warp here. London's the Dying Shames drift beautifully back to the swingin Sixties and belt out a full on wild'n'fun garage-jangle burner beaming with energy and undeniably catchy hooks. The Flamin' Groovies, Small Faces and Missing Links elements of their debut single are still percolating here. But they go a little farther than that throwing in a healthy dose of the more upbeat twangy elements of mid 60's Stones creating timelessly majestic and broodingly infectious Rock N Roll nuggets that recall the genres golden era. The album is packed with ten plucky, mid-tempo bruisers screaming with filthy, fuzzy guitar work and brimming with ramshackle Rock N Roll vigor. Phenomenal production tops it all off giving the album a nice warm and cozy atmosphere injecting a vintage shimmering haze into these amped up, red hot swingers. A+ effort all around from ex-members of The Ricky C Quartet and Gaggers!