The Gain- Highway To Heck 10"

Image of The Gain- Highway To Heck 10"


The Gain- Highway To Heck 10". Man this is such a fun record. What's fun is realizing how much the band already had to work with, pursuing obvious love for three-chord forebears like the Dickies, The Jam and the Ramones to energetic if not revelatory ends. Lead snarler Steven Pilace’s balance of disaffection and nervous, goofy passion is smeared all over these gritty Punk Rock songs, while he's already showing his effective, no-frills approach to the chewy feedback heavy melodic Punk that’s influenced him and the band. If you’re a fan of the early Lookout Records catalog and bands like Green Day, Monsula, Cringer and the Queers, this ones a must have. WAREHOUSE FIND! GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!