The Grand Acid - S/T Vinyl LP

Image of The Grand Acid - S/T Vinyl LP


A name that incorporates the powerful and massive sound as well as the psychedelic jam-based character of their songs. Like not many others, the Berlin based power rockers know how to swirl up melodic and blues-rooted elements into vigorous and voluminous jams, with a bunch of riffs that cut through the haze like a skill saw. Since their foundation in 2015 they have developed their very own characteristic sound bed at the edge of bluesy progressive and hard psychedelic rock.

" I'm actually out of breath after listening to this album. It's weighty, riffy, mighty, and heady. SUPER psych rock! Guitar solos like mad! A fine band, indeed. Heavy classic psych, 100% guaranteed to rock your socks off." -- Nerve Salad