The Militants - Front Line Kill LP

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Originating in 1994, the Los Angeles based band The Militants are experienced in the art of creating dynamic extreme metal music. The Militant's sound is characterized by its guitar crunch, hardcore beats and a brutal yet melodic primal vocal style. Influences include: Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Ministry, Motorhead, The Dead Kennedys, Obituary, Iron Maiden, Venom and Kreator. The Militants have excellent albums available entitled Gathering Darkness, Front Line Kill, Fuel The Aggression and One Nation Under Death.

These four albums are a must and should be in every head bangers collection.

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Limited edition

Label:Aggressive Records

1. Breaking Walls
2. Chaos Calling You
3. Evil Wings Fly
4. The Great Disruption
5. Unfathomable Depths of Perception
6. Omens of Doomsday
7. Front Line Kill
8. Population Control
9. Reaper's Moon
10. Tomorrow's World