The Smoggers- 13 Years Of Fuzz Insanity! LP ~REISSUE W/ 2 UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS!

Image of The Smoggers- 13 Years Of Fuzz Insanity! LP ~REISSUE W/ 2 UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS!


The Smoggers- 13 Years Of Fuzz Insanity! LP. After thirteen twisted years of rising to the top of Garage Rock underground, Spain’s the Smoggers return to their throne to commemorate the bands monumental 13 year anniversary by unearthing this epic, treasure trove of golden Smoggers rarities. These derelicts of distortion have had a killer run of releases since their inception in 2007 and their new album, ‘13 Years Of Fuzz Insanity!’, highlights some of their most soniclly savage, mind melters. Die hards know that many of their early recordings are long out of print and some of their 7"’s, LP's and 10"'s are getting harder to find. So this superb collection of resurrected, rarities reissues some of their most noteworthy hits and career spanning highlights across a fast and ferocious firebomb of feedback and fuzz. And to those Smoggers completists who have everything: don't worry... The Smoggers won't leave ya hangin'! You'll be happy to hear that they've also recorded 2 brand new, exclusive scorchers specifically for this LP that won’t come out on any other Smoggers release! So this historical artifact takes you on a trip down memory lane spanning 11 of the Smoggers best and most sought after rarities and adds 2 unreleased, exclusive bonus tracks to pack one fantastic album 13 years in the making. This deluxe, remastered reissue also includes an insert with some very cool looking vintage Smoggers band photos in addition to extensive liner notes by Garage Rock pioneer Jens Lindberg of the Crimson Shadows, Maggots and the Maharajas.