Tovarish - This Terrible Burden CD

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"Music for a post apocalyptic era, recommended to Gnaw Their Tongues, MZ412 and Sunn O))) fans, cold and obsessive sound"
-Alessio Oriani, Rock Hard Italy

"Tovarish are a radical group in walkable distance of meaning, an avalanche, a monster, a warning, the soundtrack by Akira."
-Massimo Argo, IYEzine

"Tovarish are a band of Providence, Rhode Island, dedicated to a combination of artistic genres and radical extreme that leaves no survivors... The image of rubble and debris (including the cover artwork) is very alive and present in the expressiveness sound of this American band, making noise his most lethal weapon."
-Bob Stoner, Pit of the Damned

"The American trio with this amazing and incredible work entitled 'This Terrible Burden' takes us into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a dark ambient sound through profusion post atomic Futurist's noise and capable of transporting the listener in a sort of parallelism surreal and transcendental. The sounds are unsettling, distressing, sometimes imbued with screams almost alien, inhuman, able to open your mind to scary scenarios visionaries, magmatic, catastrophic and destructive."
-Wolverine, Metal Wave Italia

"Tovarish captured my attention immediately with a slow burst of noisy, oppressive drone/doom (think Khanate, if Khanate sampled in speeches to rouse the proletariat against bourgeois scum); their naked obsession with Soviet culture added an extra level of intrigue. I've been listening to their 2012 album, Red Hearts in a Dead World, on repeat ever since. Tovarish is currently based in Providence, RI, which makes a ton of sense when one considers that bands like The Body and Worms in Women and Cattle came from the same cramped locale. To my delight, they've also apparently just released a new album, This Terrible Burden, which I will be tracking down as soon as I finish my tea."
-Kim Kelly, Noisey