Trash Culture- Just A Ride LP ~DEAD BOYS!

Image of Trash Culture- Just A Ride LP ~DEAD BOYS!


Trash Culture- Just A Ride LP. London’s Trash Culture pollute your sleazy eardrums with their insatiable appetite for amped-up apathy on their fantastic, gutter-dwelling debut ‘Just A Ride’. Musically this is straight-up raw punk fuckin’ rock that recalls everyone from the Zero Boys to early GG Allin to Anti-Nowhere League to Black Flag drawing heaviest from their Dead Boys / Pagans arsenal of aggressive, sonic weaponery. I’m talkin' savage, hook-filled nihilism that just spews snot and filth with the most caustic, scathing attitudes to back it up. Every tune on ‘Just A Ride’ is dripping with loud, slashing guitars; hook filled choruses and an amped up lead screamer who’s pissed off and ready to vent. On top of that the band is surprisingly tight. Their delivery is unifyingly forceful, the tunes are driving yet melodic, the guitar playing is on fire and their songs are so well written that you can tell that this raging band is capable of even more. A dirty, rotten slab of guitar shredding muscle punk seething with barbaric, frenzied hooks galore. Prime grime for the down ‘n outs recorded by Ben Perrier of Los Pepes for maximum sonic edge. The LP includes a lyrics sheet insert as well. Recommended.