Triggerman - Hail to the River Gods CD

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TRIGGERMAN are pleased to announce the release of their third album, “Hail To The River Gods”. Released on June 1st, the album contains yet more examples of the band’s ability to fuse heavy riffs with aggressive grooves and huge choruses.

Recorded in Einstein Studios, Antrim.N.I. ,the band were pleased to have Frankie McClay producing, as he did with 2010’s release, “Brand New Day”. An album which gained TRIGGERMAN attention at both national and international level, METAL HAMMER called it, “a breath of fresh air to the genre” with CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE play listing the opening track, “The Riff Holds Sway”. From the opener, “Rage of the Goddess” to closing track, “Blind Side of the Moon”, TRIGGERMAN have put together an album which continues with the band’s signature sound.

Singer/Guitarist Bap says, “These new tunes sit well with our back catalogue. They sound great live as well as in the studio. We’ve tried some new ideas to keep it fresh, but it’s still TRIGGERMAN.”