Wasted Theory - Death and Taxes CD

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"...Wasted Theory plays their own version of heavy stoner metal with some 70's swagger, bluesy undertones, mixed with some deep-fried southern doom, and topped with some diesel-laced mountain rock for good measure...

"Wasted Theory’s music is full of heaviness and fun! Yes it is! Following them since their early releases through to their two EPs, 2012’s Cinco Dechado De Cancion and 2013’s GodSpeed, and now their debut album Death and Taxes shows the band are the festival of drunken heavy guitars works, full of Blues and southern rock/metal vibes. Death and Taxes is a very dynamic album, more than the two previous EPs and somehow you can’t categorize this album in a specific genre because there’s Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Doom Metal even Psychedelic touches in there but Wasted Theory is still officially labeled as Southern/Stoner Metal and they surely are one of the heaviest ones!" -- Inhale the Heavy