White Witch Canyon - S/T LP Clear Vinyl numbered

Image of White Witch Canyon - S/T LP Clear Vinyl numbered


Incredibly rare -- original issue vinyl of Witch Witch Canyon, featuring members of Spiralarms! This is the final warehouse stock of this killer album.

Jupiters failed existence… out of orbit… hitting the galaxy wall… creating an anomally of dead asteroid fields and gazing into the eyes of Mordred… there are no second chances in space… only remnants of a pure crystal world where life awaits and dreams give you oxygen Star Fire 2811 A.D. during his journey to find the White Witch Queen
White Witch Canyon is acid-eating Sab-ra cadabra, full of thick, meaty riffs that sound like wooly mammoths plowing through walls of blood-stained snow, bare-chested, flared denim vox, and lava-lamping superjams that practically beg you to play ‘em on a Camaro’s blown-out cassette deck.